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Durian lovers must wed durian lovers.

Eating durian makes me crazy happy. This effect doesn’t only apply to me. My friends whom I ate with feels the same too. I think scientist should conduct some experiment on the properties of durian that makes us happy when we eat it.

So why did I say “Durian lovers must wed durian lovers’?

You being a durian lover, imagine this:

· Imagine not being able to enjoy durian together for dinner.
· Think about how much he/she hates it when you bring them home and you have to eat em’ outside and wash thoroughly before you go back in the house.
· He/she bans you from getting near them after eating durian.
· The kids would most probably be psycho by them not to eat durian too because it’s bad.

I really couldn’t imagine a lifetime partner like this. I guess being a durian lover is a mandatory criteria when it comes to choosing a wife for me. I don’t think it’s even possible to convert someone who dislikes durian to start loving it. With durian, it’s either you love it or dislike it from the beginning. There are no converts.

I shall just camp at SS2 durian buffet and scout for a potential suitor. It would eliminate the chances of me dating someone who dislike durians.