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So smitten by Amanda Seyfried, especially in the new trailer ‘In Time’

Amanda Seyfried, such an enchanting little darling. She didn’t really caught my attention in Mamma Mia! 2008 as Sophie but yeah she sure could sing!

I guess the first time I’m actually smitten by her is in Dear John 2010 as Savannah Curtis. Most probably also how the story is in the movie and how kind and vulnerable she was. If you’ve not watch Dear John 2010, do watch it.

Recently, the new trailer of In Time 2011 is out. I can’t wait to catch this film that has got her and Justin Timberlake in it. Movie is set in the future where time replaces money as currency and everyone stops aging at 25 but you have to pay to live another year. Trailer looks promising, check it out for yourself below!