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What I think about dating an older woman.

Not every guy gets a chance to date someone older than them. Heck most are very much against the idea of dating someone older than them. You, my friend are missing out.

Dating someone older than you also means they are much more mature. They are usually in control of their own lives. Doing whatever they please. These are the ladies that will not claim that they need to be back by 12 midnight before their chariot turns back into a pumpkin. They have an opinion, unlike girls below 20s. I would also add in that there are much more reasonable. At least that’s what I think at my age now.

And being older… they are more caring. I should say this might be traits of being a mom but it’s all good. It seriously comforts you when times are rough. Who wouldn’t like a strong women right? Strong also means that, having her own career, financially independent, groovy apartment with a walk-in wardrobe and huge social network! Guys… I know most of the time you might feel inferior with all these things but think about it. Isn’t it great to have such a fabulous woman? It can be a drive for you to work harder to succeed in life too!

Another note, being mature also brings sexier times in bed.

When there are pros in this situation, it also brings some cons.

Having that age gap in play, certain topics could make you seem like a kid. Growing up in a slight different era also means that you can’t really share the same sentiments. On the bright side, you’ll get to learn more from each other.

Things might be smooth between the both of you. But when friends and family comes into the limelight, things might sometimes get nasty. It’s no biggie, just something you need to learn and adapt instead of trying to change it.

The age gap also affects future topics about having kids. Keep it low for the first few months. If you’re serious about the relationship. Go ahead and bring up the b-word. Having a baby isn’t a game. It does show maturity in you but it carries more than just responsibility.

All and all, if you get to be Ashton Kutcher and have your hands on Demi Moore. By all means, marry her!