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A thai commercial that made me tear. [Video]


For everyone, you might be watching this at home or at work.
For me, I watched it on a plane while waiting for everyone to board.

Maybe it was the commercial alone, maybe it was me on a plane, maybe it was the company I was with. It brought me tears. I was crying and I couldn’t stop it. Did you cry?

I Cried On Watermelon Seeds.

Gullible is the word to describe this story.

I’ve always love the sweet taste of watermelon since young. I have the privilege to eat one whole watermelon by myself every night while watching movies when I’m in Miri because my dad plants em’. Lucky me eh.

Here comes the story. 7 years old, con by my mama on a sunny afternoon. Conveniently sliced watermelon is being served and my brother and I was indulging the soft sweet redness of it. You know how boys can be sloppy eaters when they are young. I swallowed some seeds and told my mama with a bit of a shock. My mama teamed up with my little brother and told me that:

“James, soon you’ll see watermelon sprout from the top of your head.”

What do you expect an innocent boy to think? I took it literally of course! I stopped eating immediately and had a mental picture in my head that how ugly I would look with watermelon sprouting on top of my head. I lower my head and put my arms around my head. From a quiet tear to a slight cry.

After having a fair share of laughing my mama convinced that she was only joking and she had to explain what will happen to the seed before I stop crying. Boo!