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A night out with buddies

This is a late entry for last Saturday’s event!

I met up with my old buddies from Miri at Hartamas Square. And nothing beats hanging out with your old mates! It’s such a blessing to see the familiar faces smile upon each others arrival as big loving hugs and pats are made. Everyone looked pretty much the same but I notice everyone is having a super extra big appetite. Dishes by dishes would just find their way through the crowd to search for our table number. Chicken, la-la, otak otak, sate, dim sum, full courses and need I say more? It’s awesome to see them nod their head to acknowledge it’s their food upon them arriving. It was so packed in the end we had 4 tables for approximately 12 people with a feast of kings and queens.

Although disappointment hit us when we knew some of our buddies couldn’t make it but it’s alright because the night must still go on! After the big feast, everyone is pretty stuff and tired. But plans are already on the way. Clubbing it is! Although still deciding on Atmosphere or Zouk we all take a split because most of them needs to change. That includes me too.

I drop by Seng & Yang’s place before I actually go home and change. Their house is superb! So cozy and soothing. We had a few rounds of Tekken 5(game) and the venue was confirm at Atmosphere. We continued to have a few more kick ass moments before we leave to my place for a change.

It’s 12 when we reached Atmosphere and the whole place was pretty jam packed. So we decided to switch the venue to Zouk. There’s a Heineken Thirst Dj competition around. The new DJ’s sure did a good job in entertaining us. It was one hell of a night as we all chill away with Heineken and sweet grooves.

Cash spend : RMXXXX

A night out with buddies at Zouk : Priceless