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Reminiscing Club Med

I can still smell the fresh cool salty breeze from Club Med Cherating Beach last weekend. Seriously it’s an experience, a getaway that I would recommend for you all out there reading this!

It’s a place for you to experience the life of Kings and Queens. You are treated with top class, you have 3 meals of buffet to eat till you drop. And not to mention the dishes to choose from… Korean, Japanese, Western, Chinese, Indian, Malay cuisine and oh, dessert galore! Free flow of beer that guarantees you a bigger beer belly. Wine enough for you to chill till you drop.

Besides all these. They have an auditorium with cool and funny shows every night. Here they either have theater or performances and even group dance sessions! And best of all, 24 hours swimming pool with heated water and a jacuzzi corner to ensure that you have a good time!

They have trapeze, roller hockey, basketball, bungee bounce, rock climbing, kayak sessions, yoga, gym and so much more that I just couldn’t list down here but for you to explore and experience!

The staff and guest are nice and friendly. So many different types of ethnicity from a variety of countries. The kids and babies wandering around adorably will ensure that you have a warm fuzzy feeling on-the-go anytime, anywhere! The bonuses are like Italian, Spanish and many more other hunks and sweet Jap or Korean and many more luscious bodied hot chicks and they are super friendly FYI!

I shall stop here and let you do the exploring part yourself. If you’ve not been to Club Med, you’ve never been on a holiday.

“Live life to the fullest”

[Source: Club Med]