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Yue Yue’s death, an eye opener to China?

After seeing the video of Yue Yue, a toddler who was run over by 2 cars and ignored by 18 passer by. I think we can all agree that Yue Yue has gone to a better place instead of staying at the cold and heartless nation of China.

As reported by The Guardian
Before giving himself up to the police, the driver of the second vehicle, a van, told the media why he had run away. “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan (£2,000). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

Eye Opener
What is going on in China? How could a country made humans so inhumane?

It all started back in 2006, the “Nanjing judge” story. In the capital of Jiangsu province, Peng Yu helped an old woman who had fallen on the street to the hospital. Instead of receiving the standard gratefulness from the woman and the family. He was accused of causing the woman’s injury and the judge ruled out that he acted against “common sense” because after causing her to fall, he decided to help. Luckily the public too has “common sense” and outcry and support on Peng adjusted the final verdict in Peng paying 10% of the medical cost instead of the total.

Today, it’s no surprise to the citizens of China what has happened to Yue Yue. They claimed that they would too walk pass her just to avoid another “Nanjing judge” incident. China is now in discussion of introducing a new law that imposes “duty of rescue” which exists in many European country.

China as you can see is rising rapidly in the economic sphere. But is that healthy if the core of the 1.4 billion nation are heartless?

Yue Yue, Elder brother & Mother

Death of Yue Yue