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I swam in Halong Bay, Vietnam. [Video]

Halong Bay is located in Vietnam. Halong Bay is made up of about 2000 small islands scattered around as seen from the picture above. Before we get on to the video where I swam in Halong Bay, let me show you around first.

The pier where we get on a small boat to our Junk Ship.

This is the ship where me and my friends stayed for 1 night.

You’ll see islands and islands for the entire journey at Halong Bay.

Chilling on the Junk Ship drinking Vietnamese coffee  is second to none.

We visited the floating villages. There are several floating village where villagers spend their life from cradle to grave here.

There is a beautiful cave for you to visit too.

Now to the video where I swam in Halong Bay

I’ve always wondered what does it feel to jump off from a high ground into the sea just like in the movies. After experiencing it, I want to tell you that it’s just amazing. Yes,¬† I did feel the fear for a split second when I jumped off the ledge. Your guts are being pushed upwards towards your throat and you feel like your heart is gonna leave you. But as soon as you stabilizes the thrills kick in. I jumped several times after and the fear remained but the thrill adds on.

“Visit Halong Bay if you’re in Vietnam, else you’ve not been to Vietnam.”