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I’m a dog lover but I’ll make an exception for this fiesty cat that bullies alligators. [Video]

I hate cats. They do not contribute any significant benefit to human race except for all the LOLCAT videos and memes. But today I’m gonna make an exception and post something about cats.

This cat is either the bravest or the most foolish cat I’ve ever seen. The pussy cat decides to score some free chicken. What does the cat do? It swipes the alligator across the face a few times. I’m truly surprised at how easily the alligator gave up and returned into its swamp.

Check out the video and be sure to listen to the funny conversations at the background.

Mega Giant Snail

It’s just any other ordinary night wondering around the Kuala Lumpur streets. I was talking on the phone with my beloved but something caught my eyes beneath the tree leafs by the side of the road.

It’s a snail… ahh… it looks big. I thought it’s just a decoration of the building. But it’s impossible. I walked up towards it and bent down to take a good look at it. The snail’s antenna moved! It’s seriously oversize!

If you can’t get the drift I’m having here please check it out for yourself. I’ve got pictures of it at my photo album.

Seriously, I’ve been living in Sarawak for my entire life and I’ve not seen anything that huge before and it surprises me to find such a monster in the middle of the KL streets!

Sorry bout the blurry picture. Taken by some dinosaur phone.