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First kiss.. mmm…

When was your first kiss? MSN Today posted something about First Kisses : The New Rules. And it’s an awesome write up plus education for those who has not been kissed yet!

Hmm… when was my first kiss? I can’t seem to remember the exact age.. maybe 10? 11? I have to admit that the timing was right! The age doesn’t seem so here. Anyway, it was at her house. It didn’t happen awkwardly, thank God. The parents were hanging out with my parents. So we both hung out where everybody else wasn’t… Duh! There were no signals or signs. I guess we’re both too young and innocent to play around with each others feelings to put each other into the mood. We’re just so curious we decided to dart towards each other and experience how a kiss actually felt in the movies! And yes we did try the tongue. I can’t really say that was the best kiss since it’s only my first time. But I can’t say it’s the worst either!

We don’t see each other now. In fact I don’t even know where has she gone to. It would be great if we could meet up again! We can discuss and laugh at ourselves again!

So boys and girls! Do comment about your own first kiss!

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