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The end of the world tomorrow? [Video]


I was driving on NKVE last Thursday and this is what I captured.

Do watch the video before you further read what I’m about to say below.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world tomorrow simply because there isn’t enough epidermic catastrophe that signifies the end of the world.  Sure the world isn’t as peachy as it was and so many major natural disasters had happened during the last few years but I really don’t see the world ending tomorrow.

But if in any case I’m proven wrong within the next few hours. I just wanna say how beautiful life is and I thank everyone that has made an impact in my life. God bless us all!

NASA telling the world that it will not end tomorrow.

Yue Yue’s death, an eye opener to China?

After seeing the video of Yue Yue, a toddler who was run over by 2 cars and ignored by 18 passer by. I think we can all agree that Yue Yue has gone to a better place instead of staying at the cold and heartless nation of China.

As reported by The Guardian
Before giving himself up to the police, the driver of the second vehicle, a van, told the media why he had run away. “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan (£2,000). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.”

Eye Opener
What is going on in China? How could a country made humans so inhumane?

It all started back in 2006, the “Nanjing judge” story. In the capital of Jiangsu province, Peng Yu helped an old woman who had fallen on the street to the hospital. Instead of receiving the standard gratefulness from the woman and the family. He was accused of causing the woman’s injury and the judge ruled out that he acted against “common sense” because after causing her to fall, he decided to help. Luckily the public too has “common sense” and outcry and support on Peng adjusted the final verdict in Peng paying 10% of the medical cost instead of the total.

Today, it’s no surprise to the citizens of China what has happened to Yue Yue. They claimed that they would too walk pass her just to avoid another “Nanjing judge” incident. China is now in discussion of introducing a new law that imposes “duty of rescue” which exists in many European country.

China as you can see is rising rapidly in the economic sphere. But is that healthy if the core of the 1.4 billion nation are heartless?

Yue Yue, Elder brother & Mother

Death of Yue Yue

Lambir Waterfalls Revisited


I find myself returned once more to Lambir Waterfalls.

A place I almost drowned 2 decades ago. It happened right where the girl in the picture was standing. I was young and naughty and did not know how to swim.

My relatives from Sandakan, Sabah brought a friend to visit Miri and my dad decided to bring all of us to the waterfalls. The place was packed as it was a weekend. The adults all went out of the water but I stayed in. The cold water didn’t bother me one bit.

Loving the feeling of going deeper into the water. I tip-toed my way towards the deep end. Slowly and carefully I was caught off-guard by the sudden cliff that appeared. I couldn’t feel anything under my feet. Immediately I was sinking deeper and deeper. As the water rushes into my mouth, I could barely shout or let alone say anything. As I tried to signal for help, my limbs are working as hard as possible to keep myself afloat.

I thank God that my actions actually caught someone’s attention. In the corner of my eye, I saw him rushed towards me and grab me back on shore with ease. Despite the shock, I could recognize that the guy was actually my relative’s friend.

Today, as I was walking back into Lambir. I could remember all the foot steps I’ve taken. Standing there in front of the waterfall with memory imprint where my parents sat, how I almost drowned, how I was saved…

Welcome back to Lambir Waterfalls. You are as beautiful as you are.

Perks of being pretty while driving.

If you remembered, back in May I posted a video about a girl in UK who proved that pretty girls have it easy. Here’s a true story about my friend’s encounter.

So my friend was driving in the afternoon. She made a mistake at the traffic lights and caused another car to emergency brake into a slight spun. Cars are fine and both are unhurt. She was a little frightened because she knew it was her fault. More fear induced when my friend saw the spun car’s door sprung opened and this man furiously jumped out with testosterone so pumped ready for a fight.

He dash towards my friend’s car. When he reached my friend’s driver door, he still couldn’t see who the driver was until my friend wind down her window due to heavy tinting. In a split second, like a raging bull turned into a timid mice he said –

(Are you alright miss?)

“It’s amazing what a pretty face with boobs can do.”