Subliminal messages from my dreaming self.

Most people dream in first person view. They are seeing things unfold from their own perspective. There are also some who dream from a third person point of view where they see themselves from a distance. But rarely do people dream about themselves interacting with oneself.

I woke up at 7.30am after an early night of sleep. The weather was beautiful and I could hear the birds chirping happily away. Before I freshen myself up, I decided to go the the fridge first. Took an apple and munched away till the very last bit while replying some emails. Threw the apple and head for the showers. After putting on some clothes, I proceed to read some news and my eyes seems like they are dropping. I fall flat on my pillow with my body facing downwards and doze away.

The Dream
The dream started abruptly as I could see myself lying down on the bed from a first person point of view. The dream me then started to wake the sleep me literally by planting both hands on my shoulder trying to peel myself off the bed like a banana peel. The dream me was trying so hard I could feel my shoulder muscles tensed up. I woke up immediately after that.

1. I guess the dream me is trying to tell the sleep me that I’ve been sleeping too much and I should wake up.

2. Unconsciously I’m trying to tell myself that I should wake up from my bitterness and stop being bitter over nothing.

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