So Much Love In The Air, Makes Me Wanna…

I had a wonderful weekend last week. My friend, cell leader, Angela Looh invited me to witness her wedding ceremony. Angela a girl with outstanding leadership qualities, the girl I’m sure that will be a great wife and mom is tying her knot. The very moment I heard about the great news, it naturally brought this wonderful feeling of joy to my heart.

I had a late night but still I wouldn’t wanna miss this out. So there I was Saturday morning sitting in the church hall. It’s wonderful to be in church every time. It gives me this soothing feeling that is infinitely blissful. I was a little late so I didn’t get to see the bride and bridegroom march in the hall. Would’ve been a sight to be awe at but too bad I missed it. Sitting patiently waiting to take a glance at the beautiful bride and the lucky man she chose I realize that there’s a different love that fills the air that I’m breathing.

After the short speech gave by pastor Julie, it’s time for the lucky couple to exchange vows and wedding rings and best of all, kisses! But what caught me the most is when they say ‘I do’. There is so much love in the air that makes me wanna say ‘I do’ to someone else.

God… show me that ‘someone else’.

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