So jealous!

Ask yourself, why do you have to hate someone even he or she did not lay a finger or say a word to you in the beginning? Jealous? This can be applied into lots of situations.

For example : You didn’t like your new colleague because he gets more attention from your boss. You grew to hate him when you realize that he’s even better than you in anything. Worst still, he’s scoring with your girl!

Ok, that might be the worst situation anyone could’ve been in. I’m sure you would be swearing his ass off while throwing darts on his photo. Now here, let me give you another scope. Why don’t you try to turn that hatred off and try to get to know him. Maybe if you two get along, both of you might reach higher standards in work and he won’t probably score with your girl.

  • Fear. Jealousy is a form of fear too. You were afraid of the situation going out of hand. It’s easier when you allow yourself to stop worrying. (He most probably ain’t scoring with your girl.)
  • Trust. This is an important factor to take note. If you can’t trust yourself, certainly you cannot trust others. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Don’t say you trust your partners and still showing signs that you’re jealous.
  • Weak. When you’re jealous, you’re just showing them your weakness. You just gave them a good point to attack your vulnerability till you drop yourself.
  • Power. People who are jealous are often seeking for power. Power gives you great form of command and control over another person. Don’t be such a jerk off.

Jealousy brings no joy. Think of it as a butterfly in your hand. The more jealousy you have the harder you squeeze. Let your jealousy subside and you start letting it flutter around you with grace.

“Ain’t worth the hassle being jealous.”

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