Relic Of My Life

*Ding*… *click*… This particular MSN pop up has never failed to bring a smile on my face.

call that the relic of my life. I believe that in life there is a relic
for everyone. What is this relic that I’m referring to? My kind of
relic is that particular someone that will unconditionally at any given
point of time put a soothing serene smile on your face.

relic has caught part of my heart ever since she was first introduced
by my neighbor. Actually I’m sure she has captured more than just my
heart. Lots of people has got a crush on her. This happened way back in
my primary school years. Growing up and getting to know her better has
further proof that she’s definitely a girl to die for. But due to
certain reasons I never make a move on her. Can’t say I regret for not
doing so because I believe it has turn out to be for a better cause.

quite a witty one. Just by talking to her in person or online has never
failed to entertain me. We both play with words well… it’s like a
battle when we talk. We openly discuss just about anything under the
sun which even makes our conversation even more intriguing.

Just recently, we had a great chat. A long long chat… reasons mainly
due to the cause that I’ve got something that I wanted to tell her but
decided not to after I took a piss break. She couldn’t understand why
and kept pestering me to tell. She even offer to make me feel better so
that I’ll spill it out. Hah! Fat chance… I ain’t sinking down that
easily! I told her that I’m gonna hold on to this till I see her in
person then I’ll tell her. Reason is because it’s really an epic thing
for her to know about it, so nope… not gonna tell her till we get to
see each other. Oh.. added an expiry date on that so I will have to
tell her in 3 years time even though we don’t get to see each other in
person. But I’ll make sure I get to see her in person even though that
means that I’ll have to get tickets for her to fly or vice-versa.

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