Real men switch on airplane mode for a proper date.

The Inevitable
With the growing adaption of smart phones in the generations to come. It’s inevitable that we will all meet people with horrible smart phone etiquette.

My Bad
I have to admit that my iPhone did get me into trouble when I was dating one of my ex-girlfriend. She’s always saying that I gave all my attention to my phone instead of her. Well, you can’t blame me cause I’ve just bought it. There is a break-in period. Excuses aside, it’s still my bad.

The Situation
I think it’s very important for the generation to come to understand smart phone etiquette. Many times, I’ve seen couples sitting in cafes hanging out with their smart phones instead of each other. Why bother coming out in the first place? If this is how you both interact with each other in public, most likely it’s pretty much the same when you’re both at home. Have you both exhausted all the topics or conversations under the sun?

Let’s take a look at some horrible smart phone etiquette.

  1. Leaving the phone on the table and get distracted with every blink or vibrate.
  2. Taking pictures. This includes of food, each other with food, each other eating food.
  3. Checking & tagging into multiple social networks.
  4. Blog, micro-blog about the situation.
  5. Replying countless text message.
  6. Laughing to self after receiving something funny and not appropriate to share.
  7. Pressing the home button now and then just to make sure you don’t miss any notifications

The only time it would deem appropriate to whip out your smart phone is when you’re expecting an urgent call or you have something you would like to share/show your date.

Let’s not give in to the horrible side of smart phones. Humans has come through a great deal of wisdom to have created such a wonderful device but don’t let humankind fall on the device we’ve created.

The Challenge
So here’s my challenge to you. Turn on airplane mode the next time you’re out on a date. Be a gentleman and make it a proper date.

But here’s a free tip for the ladies.
“You know that a guy is extremely interested in you when he doesn’t whip out his smart phone every other minute.”

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