Paint Colours Into Your Rainbow

Colours is really a wonderful thing if you actually stop by and notice them.

Take a look around you… How the vibrant skies choose their colours and mood to suit the ever changing face of the earth. Look into the horizon, notice the soothing shades of green that lies atop of each other dancing in the wind. Spin around, take some time to be amazed by the ever changing colours of the streets.

Painting colours to a rainbow? Weird as it seems huh… Did you know that humans were only able to identify 4 colours out of the rainbow way back in the stone age? It’s either our eyes actually evolved or I guess they just decided to add more shades of colour names into their colour wheel. Hence we have 7 shades of colour in a rainbow known today. I bet you can’t even state the colours of the rainbow now in order!

Here you go: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

So back to the main question. Why paint colours that are already there to a rainbow?

I have a dear friend or should I say, I had a dear friend. I’m sitting here pondering and reading at the first line for quite sometime before I proceed on writing. How did a dear friend turn sour so early? Ahh.. the series of unfortunate events and mistakes and somewhere along the line I did offended her without noticing. But hey, I was young and shallow back then!

Hmm.. how did wonderful colours came about to link to this dear friend of mine? She’s a great girl. Ever so caring and brilliant. So caring up to a point she sacrifices. This is where I don’t find it noble. Giving up your colours of life and painting it for others. Humans being selfish is a bad trait but then we all have to be self-centered at some point. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

While these teachings might be the perfect role model for everyone but do find a balance. Everyone deserves to be happy and it won’t come till you want to pursue your own happiness. I have to admit that I was really happy for quite sometime too over some personal reasons but I’ll live it through, I just have to start filling my own cup and stop running away. My dear, start painting colours into your rainbow. I think I know you well enough to say that I’ve not seen you really happy. You’re always sour upon something you can just simply learn to ‘let go’.

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