One of the best moments in life.

Today I would like to share about a wonderful moment that I had in life.

Few years ago, during the month of Febuary. I had the luxury to fly back to Miri for a week. And so happen I get to catch Valentine’s day with a dear friend. She’s someone I kinda had feelings for but we’re never attached or plan to be.

Anyway, the wonderful moment happens on Feb 14th’s night. I brought her up the hill near my house and walked down to the ledge of the cliff where we sat on the rocks. While we were enjoying the dark sky with bright lighted stars and cool breezy winds brushing our hair as we hold each others hand and hug tightly to keep each other warm. A magical moment happened. Both of us saw a shooting star zoom pass our vision. It’s simply astonishingly lovely!

That… is one of the greatest moments I’ve encountered in life.

“It’s better to have the best moments rather than not having at all.”

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