My Eternal Bliss

Met have I not but saw her in picture,
fair she was with looks so divine pure.
Clouds my heart but I was young & unsure,
little did I know, she had me captured.

Knowing her down the years was luck in play,
defined my reason to live everyday.
Shattered it did to find she’s not to stay,
feelings cocooned just waiting to decay.

Time was gracious, years ticked for only 5,
11 hours later she will arrive.
Swiftly as fast as wheels can turn I drive,
happiest four days with her footsteps in my life.

She’s far greater than Cuthbert or Jolie,
Spins my world & lights my day endlessly.
5,000 miles I’ll swim to her gladly,
to seek for her love before heavenly.

Time was gracious yet again, I counted 3,
her presence brings peace, I tear & thank Thee.
Confess my epic love she let me be,
stop have I, to search for the flawless key.

Her thoughts voiced out indeed I am lucky,
to have her inked my empty history.
Smother I did, unintentionally,
You will always be my eternal bliss.

“Still I’ll be darn to have not date you in this lifetime.”

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