Life At Leaderonomics: Things I admire about you…

At Leaderonomics, we have dedicated a session to teach one another with whatever expertise we have. So last Friday we were given a session by Eric Lau on Trust & Recognition.

At the end of the session we were all asked to answer a few questions in a card and present it to one another. This is what I got.

Things I admire about you!
a. Passion b. Cheerfulness C. Teachable/humble

a. Passionate about what you believe in & not ashamed to share it with the world. eg. YEP promo at STAR Edu fair, you engage ppl & make sure they hear you.
b. Always fun to be with, even in stressful situations. Your cheer spreads, esp at camps!
c. eg. When I tell you stuff at camps. You listen, although I’m younger than you . =P

[picture taken during our company Hat Day]

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