Learn the art of silence!

We humans have known to express feelings. We wanted to gain attention so much we rarely notice the people around us.

I was watching 3-Iron last night and I found out that silence can be so beautiful! Silence can actually sing. A musical score so wonderful you can hardly believe your own ears! Ask yourself, have you notice more than just details and expressions coming out of the face of the person that you’re talking to? Somethings cannot be tell. No words can express better than feeling what their heart is feeling. And I found out that being still and watch and try to listen to what their heart is trying to express can actually achieve a different click, a different connection between two persons.

So take sometime and open up your ears instead of your mouth. Hear the person deep down inside. They might be crying so hard that you never notice before!

“Silence is virtue.”

ps : Amazing, astonishing, astounding, awesome, awful, eye-opening, fabulous, miraculous, portentous, prodigious, staggering, stunning, stupendous, sublime, surprising, wonderful, wondrous and oh… the words to describe 3-Iron is just endless! A must watch if you ask me.

[Source: 3 Iron]

2 thoughts on “Learn the art of silence!”

  1. i watched the synopsis.. it sound interesting story.. also the short clip of the 3 iron.. i have checked gsc about the movie online but i notice that dun hav such movie.. so where i can get this movie? cinema dun hav 3 iron movie ar??.. too bad…

  2. I was told that those who don’t appreciate artistic movies might fall asleep watching this movie. Anyway, it’s not on the cinema definitely… I wonder will it ever be out anyway. DVD stores in Malaysia are your best bet in getting this movie.

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