In love?

You know you’re so in love when…

  1. You pay extra attention to how you look before you see him/her.
  2. You have crush-like thoughts. (eg. “He/she’d will love this song!”)
  3. You would try to spend each second of the day with him/her.
  4. You want to hold him/her in your arms and freeze the moment.
  5. You tell him/her a lot about your daily life in extra details.
  6. You start conversations about relationships with him/her.
  7. You want to start something between the two of you but afraid of losing him/her if things go wrong.
  8. You would give up the whole world just for him/her.

2 thoughts on “In love?”

  1. Wandered in here by mistake, sorry, but stayed because your site is wonderfully laid out and attractive.One thing, as I have recently learned, part of knowing you are in love is knowing that you would stand by the person in question during a rough period…just a thought…Sorry to intrude, awesome site, btw.

  2. Vixen1124, I’m flattered by your judgement and comments. I can’t really say I’m in love myself though. Anyway, thank you for reading.

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