I’m a baby magnet!

Oh yes it is. It happens all the time. And I have two great significant stories to back it up!

1. I was waiting for a bunch of dudes at KLCC. So I went up to the Signature Food Court to sit. As usual, I would always take the row of tables nearest to the windows. After finding the right spot, I sat down and sip on my Vanilla Coke.

While sipping, I noticed that I was being stalked by this little baby girl (pictured above) sitting not far from me. Seriously she is! From the very moment that I sat down on that chair, she has her eyes on me non-stop! Not even when the mother tried to feed her. She kept looking and looking and looking till her mummy couldn’t stand the distraction I was giving her baby. Her mum decided to turn the chair of her baby girl towards her.

You think that helped? Haha.. no! She turned 180 degrees just to continue starring at me. And what’s worst? She ain’t gonna eat anymore. So there… what a magnet!

2. Just before I left Murni’s @ SS2. This adorable baby girl caught my attention. Not only me actually. 2 of my other friends who were eating with me. She was reluctant to stay put until she caught my eye. Naturally I wave and gave her the nicest smile. Yeah, she waved at me of course.

It didn’t just stop there. The adorable baby girl looked at me and laugh. Waved even more and kept looking. Her mum was feeding her white rice. She too didn’t quite enjoy it. Still she looked at me from time to time and I even make funny faces and flying kisses. Both of us somehow developed a special connection in that short period of time. Her care-takers are all shocked at her behavior. Then her auntie, I think. Brought her close to our table and interacted with us. Her name is Victoria. Suits her just perfectly.

I went to pay for our table and her aunt let her stand on my chair. We played on for a little while longer as her aunt was still trying to feed her white rice. I gave her a bar of Kit Kat and she is so happy she gave me a high 5 plus flying kisses as we go.

Above is the picture of the first baby girl I encountered. I didn’t get to take the picture of the second baby girl because Natalie forgotten!

“I love babies!”

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