Did I run away from it all?

Betrayal is most probably the worst feeling in this World. When I found out the news, it hit me so hard like a bullet train. Anger and sadness all roll into my mind and nothing could keep me sane.

I decided to leave my room and have some fresh air outside. Once I shut the main door behind me, there was this adrenaline rush build up inside of  me waiting to be burst out of my veins. I took off the ledge of the staircase close to the speed of light. Out I go zooming pass the guard house and into the open road. I ran past the park, the swings, the basketball court, the countless cars parked by the road side that is such a common sight in Kuala Lumpur and still I didn’t stop.

Suddenly I felt like I’m running out of my own body, out of my own betrayed life, out of the mess, out of the anger & sadness. I stopped. I looked back. Did I run away from it all?

“Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better.”

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