I fear for the future of our nation in Malaysia

This picture above is from a text book in Malaysia. As to why are the kids in Malaysia being asked this question is beyond my comprehension. Below is the question in Malay and translation in English.

Text in Malay
Sekiranya anda seorang pemimpin, nyatakan dua langkah yang boleh anda lakukan untuk mempertahankan status quo orang Melayu.

Text translated in English
If you’re a leader, please state 2 ways you could retain the status quo for Malays.

After reading it, I really fear for the future of our nation in Malaysia. This country will surely perish itself with kids being thought this way. The basic fundamental of building a country starts from the very roots which are our future generations. We need to provide tip top education in order to build great brilliant leaders with integrity and a compassion heart. This tip top education also requires dedicated teachers which to tell the truth, Malaysia is highly lack of.

I’m truly disappointed that even after 50 years, the people who are running the country are still busy pocketing as much resources from the country as they can. Why can’t anyone try to build the country and raise our living standards? Malaysia is a land full of potentials, if only they all could think like my friend, Chong.

Why remain status quo when there’s always the option to be better?

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