I believe I was melted in a dream.

I took an evening nap. Something I don’t normally do but lack of sleep recently charmed me into it.

The dream took place in a vehicle(looks like a car but size of a bus) going towards some nature expedition. The setting was lighted up with clear blue skies and brilliant shades of green along side the road. There were other people in the car but no one in particular I know except the one that I was, still and will always be madly in love for.

The funny thing for her to step into this dream is because I’ve not seen her or talk to her for more than half a year now. She was sitting in front of me. When the vehicle stopped and the driver went down to the toilet, I went in front and sat next to her.

We had a small talk but I believe I melted in my dream when she expressed that she wanted to spend some time with me in the following days.

I woke up.

“I had a dream. It’s a very beautiful dream with the girl I was, still and will be madly in love for.”

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