How did God create durian.


Shortly after God removed the tree of life and the tree of wisdom, God decided to make a super fruit for man kind. A fruit where it contains –

  • Increase Immunity
  • Cure Anemia
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Improve Sleep quality
  • Maintain Blood pressure
  • Fight Free radicals
  • Improves Digestion
  • Slow the Aging effect
  • Protect from cancer

After carefully stuffing all the 8 benefits into one fruit, God immediately realized that this fruit might just be too good and He simply couldn’t risk the entire Earth’s population forgo all the other available fruits on Earth and just eat this super fruit He has just made.

But God loves us. He loves us so much that He decided to keep this super fruit for us. God being God, came up with a plan. He would then make the meat of the fruit soft with different shades of yellow to orange when it ripens. Like all fruits it will have a shell with different compartments to store the meat in case part of the fruit goes bad, you will still be able to eat the other half. God was pleased with the super fruit he has just created. He decided that this fruit will now grow on trees, big tall trees with sturdy branches to hold the weight of the fruit.

Upon planting it, there was a problem. Tens of thousands of species on Earth flock towards this tree. Looks like God did make a fruit that is more desirable than any other. In an instant, the shell quickly hardens up with spikes starting to emerge from the hardened shell. The hardened shell and strong, sharp spikes are to ward off most of the animals. With the new design of the super fruit. God immediately implemented a system where by nature, this spiky fruit will not drop on anyone’s head. Since then, only a few selected animals who knew how great this super fruit is and would still try to eat it.

With abundance of health benefits stuff into one fruit. It is almost unavoidable that this fruit will be too heaty for man kind. God saw that this was a way of preventing humans over eating it and decided to keep it as it is. Another notable change was the strong unique smell that is now emitting from the meat of the fruit. Some say God did this to further prevent animals from eating it, others say God did it so only the wiser ones gets the benefit. Until today, it is still uncertain why the smell was there in the first place. A smell so powerful it could stay on your breath for hours after eating it.

On behalf of man kind, I thank you God for creating this fruit worthy to be the king of fruits!


I recently read an article stating the health benefits of durian and that inspired me to write a fictional story above. Below you will find the elaborated points of the 8 health benefits stated above. Durian is truly a great fruit with those 8 amazing health benefits squeeze into one fruit. No wonder I always feel super happy after eating durian. It could chase away all my blues. And not to mention, I must’ve gotten my youthful looks from eating durian!

Health Benefits

Immunity: Durian fruit contains high amounts of Vitamin C. It provides about 33% of the RDA of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is powerful antioxidants that protect against infectious free radicals. High Vitamin C is required to increase immune system function. Thus it provides immunity towards common disease like cold and flu. It is also effective to protect from infections.

Anemia: Durian fruits contain high amount of folate. Folate is required for the production of new RBC cell. So it stimulates production of new blood that improves the functionality of the body and provides a new energy flow. Also it is beneficial to anemia patient those who suffer from low RBC. So durian fruit can be used to cure and prevent anemia. Also it contains copper and iron that increase the production blood.

Bone Health: Durian fruit contains good amount of calcium that improves bone density and promotes healthy bones. Also it contains high amount of potassium. Potassium is required for development of healthy bone. Potassium balances sodium and thus reduces the loss of calcium through kidney. So potassium directly increases capacity of the body to absorb calcium. Thus it improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis.

Improve Sleep: Durian fruit contains amino acids known as Tryptophan a natural sleeping chemical. Tryptophan is required to metabolize serotonin and melatonin. These both Neuro-chemicals are beneficial in improving mood. So it is effective to relieve stress and headache. Along with it these Neuro-chemicals promotes deep and healthy sleep. So it is effective to cure sleeping problem and depression.

Maintain Blood Pressure: Durian fruit contains high amounts of potassium. Potassium is required to maintain sodium level. Also high potassium is required to maintain fluid level i.e. to balance electrolyte. Thus it helps to maintain high blood pressure and it reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Fight Free radicals: Durian fruit contains good amount of antioxidants. It contains Vitamin B-complex, C and E. These antioxidants are important nutrients that make durian fruit healthy. Antioxidants are required to protect the body from oxidative stress. High oxidative stress is caused due to pollution and UV radiation. This process creates free radicals from oxygen molecules. This free radical destroys normal cell DNA and change the function of cells to form cancer cells. But antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and acts as a shield to protect cells from damage. So durian fruit protects from cancer.

Improve Digestion: Durian fruit contains fiber which provides roughage and improves digestion. Thus it is effective to prevent constipation.

Ageing: Durian fruit contains good amount of antioxidants which protects skin from free radicals. Ageing is a slow process that starts with increase with age. But, free radicals have stimulated this ageing process at early age. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and protect from early ageing and wrinkles. It also nourishes skin for clear and smooth skin

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