Had a great time!

It’s nice to know that some of you out there actually bothers to read about my life. Thank you.

This great time I’m referring to what happen on Friday. There are more than 10 of us who decided to have this small gathering at Sebastian’s house. After a wonderful meal which includes a variety of seafood and many more tasty foods at Jalan Alor we went to the nearest 7-11 to pile up a lot of snacks, a few drinks, some sweets and a couple of ice-creams for the great time later.

We all sat in a circle and started munching on the stuffs we’ve bought. Sounds boring eh? Suggestions were quickly made. Not long after we find ourselves playing Poker cards. We took quite a long time deciding how to punish the person who loses. But what game are we playing? At that point, we all have no idea yet. We are just thinking how to punish someone! Evil right? After lots of negotiation and arguments which includes drinking liquor, eating, getting slap, making artworks on face we all finally decided to roll the Star’s newspaper and whack on the butt!

Now the fun starts rolling. We agree on a simple game where whoever gets the smallest card out of the deck gets the whacking! With love, I grab the deck of cards and started giving each and everyone a piece. Hah! It wasn’t me who got it of course. The fun thing here is that we’re all in shorts and beneath that pair of shorts is just a pair of undies or panties. (We’re all in comfortable mode and ready to sleep actually) One by one, 9 of us took turns to whack our first victims butt. I didn’t hold back one bit. Bam! I landed a good smack. The others would give grace from time to time but not me! I gave each and everyone, guy or girl the same power, the same loud smack! Soon there after, I was aimed! One thing I would like to stress here. Up till now I wasn’t whacked one bit yet. So they all said that they would not end the game until I get the smacking! Pressure build up and I was tense as I walk up everytime to smack the butt with all eyes looking at me. Still I gave the same treatment round after round. It went on for more than 30 rounds and I spurted that I would like to quit but they just wouldn’t. Even though they are getting the whack again and again, game after game. They would all just do it because they want my butt!

Alas, my luck has gone. I got the smallest card out of the 10. My heart beats as I arch my butt upwards for them to whack. Each of them gave their best shot! 9 loud strong smacks landed on my butt. I was so relief that it’s over and best of all… they were all even more relief than I am!

We all settle down after all those commotion and we chatted till the morning comes. Breakfast was suggested and we all went out for a bite before we all went back to the house and find the land of nod.

“Cherish every moment in your life for you live only once.”

PS : My butt hurts. It was blue-black!

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