Guys are built to chase in a relationship.

Times have changed, we hear that women are often the one pursuing in a relationship these days. I’m fine with the notion but you have to realize that guys are built to chase in a relationship.


Guys plays at least one type of ball sport when they were young and these ball sports are mostly team games. At a young age we are conditioned to be competitive. We often work hard as a team to win but also occasionally you have one-man-show type dick heads.

So what about guys and sports and relationship?

We are trained to chase the ball.We will run for it, fight for it, grab it and score it. Isn’t this familiar? It totally reflects how men behave in relationships. In comparison, we choose a girl, we find ways to approach the girl, and if there’s some other guys in the picture, we fight for the girl, get her in the end and ‘score’ it.

We are not being an ass when we choose to refuse that one girl who loves us so much and has been waiting patiently for a long time. Guys are just simply built to chase. It’s a thrilling process and most probably the best period of a relationship.

It’s no wonder why girls are conditioned to play ‘hard-to-get’ on the other hand.


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