Global Gathering 2007 : Piglets In Rave

Global Gathering is a rave event mainly organize in Europe most of the time. But this year they think otherwise because they’ve chosen to come Asia. What’s better? They are coming to M’sia’s A’Famosa.

It has been awhile since I gotten into big raves and seriously have fun. So on a last minute planning basis I just grab body and off I go to Malacca. Global Gathering also prepare some Xtreme sports for us like G-force X, Giant Swing, Bungee Jump and Zorb. Wanted to try it out but after eating something, it’s definitely not recommended to provoke yourself to puke. There’s 6 arenas for you to choose from. Global, God’s Kitchen, Freedom Electric, Freedom, Foambar, Solid Gold. Global with nice dance music suitable for everyone. God’s Kitchen featuring all sort of trance. Freedom Electric featuring live bands with new age dance music. Freedom is an arena where you get to hear famous dance songs being mixed. Foambar is for the wild and sexy bikinis rubbing each other in foam. Solid Gold is retro with roller-skates!

Oct 27, event starts at 2pm but who in the right mind in M’sia’s weather would dance 2pm in the afternoon? So the party didn’t exactly start till 9pm at night. Everyone was there for God’s Kitchen’s performance. 8pm Fono started the music and people started to flock in. By the way, I forgotten to mention that the whole place is muddy and watery, hence why I put the title ‘Piglets In Rave’. The bad thing about the sand is that it produces this awful smell equivalent what most would say cow dung. That didn’t stop the party though. After Fono did a great transition and pass it on to Sander Van Doorn at 9pm. The party went out of hand and everyone is gathered around God’s Kitchen to dance. Despite the awful smell and icky muddy feeling around your bare feet or shoe or slippers or sandals, everyone just continue indulging the mud like piglets taking a mud bath. It’s all good!

I spent most of my time in God’s Kitchen arena simply because their song is like magnet. I danced till my body ask me to take a rest but the music kept my feet going on. I dance a little in Foambar and Global. Global plays pretty nice tracks and I saw some foreigner frustrated because her boobs got grab when the foam gush out. Oh well…

The super highlight for me would be Johan Gielen the DJ from God’s Kitchen. He has got awesome skills and great crowd contact. He even lower down the volume for us to shout along with the beat that was started by me. Ahh.. yes that’s priceless!

Another crazy highlight would be the random after party we ended up at. ‘Ang mo’s’ from UK teaching in Thailand high on drugs and still partying on after the event ends at 4am. That’s not whacked. What’s whacked is that some random party people came by again and out of no where asked to borrow a room for her mother-in-law to sleep. Nothing can be more whacked than that man!

Of course not forgetting the people I partied with there. The bunch of Mirians who flew down just for it. Those who came down from Singapore. My buddies from KL.

“Work hard, play harder!”

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