Get up and be loved once again!

This particular entry is specially written for those who are single or still not over with their recent sorrows. Stop weeping, put on that 100% confident outfit of yours, get a decent aura, say hi to the person in the mirror and get your ass back up in the field and play ball! If you’re really hopeless and lost, here I bundled 20 ways to heat up the season for either a red-hot fling or a long-lasting love. Godspeed!

  1. Recruit the new. A party or a night out would be fine. You need to get to know someone new through your friends. Also it’s much safer to date your friend’s friend.
  2. Fun is all you need. Go have a blast. When you’re not out in the wild with the thoughts of hunting something down, you might just be the hunted.
  3. Be occupied. Make sure your calender is pack with events! The more you do, the more chances you can grab hold of.
  4. Go dateless. You don’t need a date to go movies, beach party, bbq, house party and so on. Spin your spider webs. The special person might just get caught.
  5. Be yourself. Get comfortable. Relax and find inner peace. Love yourself and others will start loving you.
  6. Skip the bar. You don’t always have to be at a bar to get picked up. Try Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a change. The bookstore is another good choice too.
  7. Get connected. Get plug onto the world wide web. Start instant messages, e-mails and any means of communication.
  8. Read. Self-help books can help a lot in this area. Especially when you have no one to turn to, to ask for help.
  9. Make friends. Be bold. Try to make new friends and expand your circle of life.
  10. Don’t be shy. Guys or girls. It’s the 21st century! If you think that someone is good enough for you. Make it happen. Don’t let it pass you by like a dream.
  11. Make that change. Look into the mirror. Tell that person in the mirror to make that change. Be active in the society around you. You feel much better doing something better than nothing.
  12. A perfect plan. Plot the whole date out. Use all the right moves. Time, place and attitude.
  13. Another shot. Recruit your old friends. Those who are still single. Reach out for them and have a pot luck or sorts. There might be something that wasn’t there before.
  14. Pet-sit. Offer a helping hand if your friends needed you to take care of their flurry balls. Pets can be a good companion. They offer unconditional love.
  15. Go with blind dates. Don’t worry. This isn’t the last resort. Take all the chances you can find. Your friends just might be right with the perfect soul mate for you.
  16. Advertisements. This is fun. Post your personal details and stuff on the nearby store or a small corner on the papers or mags. Don’t think of it as cheap. I dare you to!
  17. Be a member. Find something you like and register as a member. The new activity you just picked up is gonna help you meet someone new this season.
  18. Search at the right places. If you’re looking for a fling, most probably a bar. A commited one, try the bookstore or the library instead. You can go by interest too. Like musicians can be found in music festivals. Church is also another great place.
  19. Go shop. Browse along the malls and you’ll get to know interesting people that might just be doing what you’re doing.
  20. Make a move. DO NOT WAIT!

“Keep your options open.”

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