Four days

This is a phrase I took out from the movie Garden State and I think it reflects what happened in my life.

Movie : Garden State
Period : 01:32:49 –> 01:32:52
Script : You changed my life, and I’ve known you four days.

I would like to have a public opinion on this. Four days… how much can 96 earth hours change a person’s life? Has anyone out there ever experience a beautiful exciting impact onto your life after spending time with a person for four days or less? Can they actually do that?

I’ll shed some light on my personal experience. I didn’t exactly know this gal for four days only but we did spend four days together. We enjoyed each others company and we spend lots of time together painting the town red. She is one of the most delightful girl to talk to. I feel content just by talking to her. I adored her and her presence brings serenity. Well, this is part of our conversation. She said to me on the fourth day :

“I don’t think four days is enough for you to…”
– “To have feelings for you?”

I can’t really come out with a conclusion for that. I’m rather confused myself. It can just be an infatuation.

You see, life is so intriguing. There are so many wondrous ways to arouse the interest of oneself. And I believe it takes way less than 96 hours for that to happen.

“It’s amazing how a short period of time can alter a person.”

3 thoughts on “Four days”

  1. hey, i have no idea how i got that username above, i got it last time. okay, nvm about that.i do get what you mean, infatuations come and go so easily. we even easily fall in love with another. whether it’s infatuation or that one love which impact is so strong it actually changes your whole life, it’s all up to you to decide. :) well, you’ve GOT to find out to know which is it.. good luck!!

  2. its not the duration of how long you’ve known a person, its the connection that matters.There are friends I’ve known for years even, and I’ve never had any connection unlike with some of the people I meet that I’ve known for like 2 days? Time is not everything

  3. Miranda : Connection… I like that. It’s true that the click factor has to spark or else what good does it do?WackoAntiqueJessica111 : Thanks for the comment. I guess time will tell what I’m actually feeling then. But hey, I don’t fall in love everyday!

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