Four Days III

Four days again huh. What could happen in this four days part III? (For those who do not know how significant ‘four days’ meant in my life do check back for them.)

Writing this timeline of my life has proved to be harder to put them down in words. The massive changes and significance it brings to my life is beyond words itself.

Above all happiness and joy it has brought me there’s just too much events that made me can’t stop thinking about what I want in the future. I maybe thinking too much… No… I am thinking too much. Had a talk with a friend on that matter and admittedly I do think too much. And all these thinking is making me going crazy. I’ve always believe that thinking is good as long as they prove to improve and upgrade our life.

So what are these thinking that is making me crazy? The things I thought about ranged from all aspects of my life. Career, family, love… but the million dollar question is ‘Will she be the one I want to marry.” Hah, James you can’t be serious right? I’m not sure really, I’m too young to even start thinking about it. Plus my speculated age to get married is 28 and above but recently I kinda push it to 30 and above. Truth is I’m not sure but it has been spinning in my head ever since so it has to be a lil bit serious? Ahh, you might be ‘cut the crap James, who is this girl!’ Too bad I ain’t spilling anything. Those who knows can guess and you most probably will be right. She is no doubt the kind of girl that would make a guy go ‘What more can you ask for from her?’

“Vague future with a determined heart.”

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