Evil: Women 1, Men 0

Before you label me as being sexist, do hear me out first.

Men are simple beings. They are direct, they don’t give clues or hints. They will tell you the story as it is.

On the flip side…

Women are complex beings. Their heart is as deep as the ocean. Their mind is as vast as the universe. They will tell you a story with multiple endings for you to guess.

So what brings me to the title is because of some dysfunctional family stories I’ve studied. Couples who get into nasty arguments can lead a men who is being all muscles to make a despicable move by hitting the lady. Often times the muscles don’t hold back and it leads to disgusting bruises and scars. You see, that’s men.

Women, when it comes to muscles, will definitely lose out in a straight on battle of punches. So women turn to their heart & mind to gather the force. They release psychological warfare towards the measly men. Women will tired men down mentally, for days, weeks, months, years…

Hence, my title.


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