Embarrassing Moments: Too early for a date

Have you ever turn up too early or too late for anything?

A flight? (I’ve heard friends who go to the airport 1 week earlier or 1 day late)
A wedding?
A birthday?
A concert?
A date?

A friend asked me out so I could help her with some PC stuff. So I said okay and the time was set at 8pm. I hang out in the office till almost 8pm then I left for the venue.

8:00 Told her I’ve arrived
8:15 I waited patiently
8:20 I texted her
8:30 Called her
9:00 Called her somemore
9:15 Gonna go home, date stood me up
9:30 Worried and lil’ pissed
10:00 Went home
10:30 Wait… I think the date is tomorrow instead of today
11:00 Laughs at self
12:00 She finally called and said sorry, I said it’s my fault. EMBARRASSING!

here’s the chat log for your entertainment :D

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