Dreamt that I got robbed.


It was roughly 10am in the morning. There was no one around except for me. I walking slowly up these flight of stairs at a place which is much like an open air market. The place seems a little run down. I’m definitely in a small town. I continued walking towards my car which somehow is on the 1st floor.

As I reached the 1st floor. There was this guy who just walked passed me. He was staring at me and my backpack. Somehow, my backpack seems pretty valuable and I could tell that the guy has intention to rob me. As I was noticing everything that is happening. Another guy with mustache was walking towards our direction too. He too saw my backpack and I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to have a piece of my backpack.

This two random strangers looked at each other and decided to gang up and rob me. I couldn’t figure out what I was carrying in my backpack or what was it in the first place but I knew badly that I didn’t want to lose it at all cost. I quickly told them “hey hey hey… don’t rob me. I’ll give you cash!” I took out my wallet and grab all the cash I have in it. It was a miserable 40+ worth of cash only. The two guys grabbed the cash looked at me and looked at each other in a puzzling manner. I could see that they are debating if they are going to let me go or grab my backpack.

Without giving them any chance to think twice, I quickly ran towards my car which didn’t seem far away. I locked the doors and started driving off thinking to myself, how lucky I was to escaped unscathed.

I woke up from my dreams after that part without knowing what was the valuable thing in my backpack that I didn’t want to lose.

The events in this dream definitely reflected part of my life at this point. I believe it’s a metaphor of what has been robbed from me in my life and I was holding onto something so valuable that I didn’t want to lose and somehow I managed to escape unscathed.


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