Don’t watch it! Super 8

Before you roar, hear me out first.

If you’re an adolescent or an adolescent at heart, you’ll love it, go watch it, period.

Like any other JJ Abrams story, he’s always into the extraordinary. Super 8 is like watching Lost TV series, you’re subjected to being lost for more than half of the show before you get a glimpse of the alien and slightly figure out what’s going on.

But I won’t rule it out as a bad movie. Story wise, it will always appeal to the younger generation where you think your life sucks and you wish to be special. The movie brings you to meet a boy with a broken background who meets someone beautiful and falls in love and kinda save the day.

Execution wise, it’s great. Hollywood’s CGI these days are superb. With Steven Spielberg producing it, it ensures suspense and fun!

Favorite Scene
Not a scene, but the ending credits short film – The Case


2 thoughts on “Don’t watch it! Super 8”

  1. Abrams remembers the simple rule that a majority of his contemporaries have forgotten: action and mayhem have meaning only when an audience cares about the people trapped within the maelstrom. And I cared for all of these characters, even that drunk dad that gets arrested in the beginning. Nice Review! Check out mine when you get a chance!

  2. I agree with you entirely. There were just too many plot holes, hackneyed cliches and an overwhelming reliance on nostalgia for me to really enjoy it. It’s not terrible, but it’s not really that good either.

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