Don’t watch it! Immortals 2011

Marketing Perception
Every poster they created includes the tag line ‘From the producers of 300’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing this movie with 300. Not one bit. But they’ve created the perception that, if it’s produced by the same people behind 300, it should be as good as 300. Now this is where they get everyone pumped up for some ‘This is Sparta’ awesomeness only to find out at the end of the movie, it’s all a lie. The movie did make a good opening weekend scoring #1 on the charts. My say is that, it’s 11.11.11 and everyone has got nothing else better to do or celebrate except to watch this movie. Good call on the marketing team!

The Film
So please folks. Let’s give this movie a fair review. The action scenes are awesome, after all we are all attracted to the movie because of the trailer right? But the way the story unfolds couldn’t be cheesier or cornier. Dialogues are borderline and acting is just as good as it gets. The inconsistencies with Greek mythology kills your senses and imagination. Some scenes will just make your jaw drop at the wondrous stupidity it portrait. If you’re into hack and slash gore, then fans will enjoy while it last. Still I think Conan The Barbarian 2011 packs more gore.

For $75million worth of production. I say it’s a poor movie.

For Malaysia Only
If you’re in Malaysia and you plan to watch this in the cinema, please refrain yourself. The further brainless censorship board will make you regret every penny you spent on this movie. Most of the gore and sexy scenes are gone. What’s worst, repeating scenes or slowing down parts of the movie is just plain dumb. I hate to say this but most probably a pirated DVD/Blu-ray copy would be better if you still plan to watch this movie.

Official trailer that practically includes all the best scenes.

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