Curse Of Doom

Not sure what inspired me to write this yesterday afternoon with a brain lack of sleep.

Vibrant world brought me a colorful heart,
joy of abstract as beautiful as art.
I did and fell for a lady so pure,
her permission she gave but took my cure.

Like a witch she cast a curse upon me,
restless in pain & agony I plea.
In darkness bound by chains of my nightmare,
still not a sound nor sign of love or care.

My world she stops with her unending doom,
I feel no light, no air, no flowers bloom.
The best in me is lost in her blank page,
Bitter heart of mine breaks with mix of rage.

Blinded by this curse will I not submit,
Pit of doom will I not let death meet.
Twice my heart broke on this journey with you,
Free from chains but still my heart misses you.

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