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It Did Matter

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It did matter, I sat in silence and pray,
clearly I’m a fool who has lost his way.
Was I too scared or too proud to delay,
it has to stop and that someday is today.

It did matter, the days gone by without you,
for you light up my world and it’s true.
Was I a fool to ignore what I knew,
my hope is that this is not overdue.

It did matter, the ways you held my hand,
and the footsteps we left on the sand.
Was I too blind to not see where we stand,
we were better and tighter than most bands.

“It does matter.” She said softly to me,
indeed a fool to have not realize the key.
I want you to be my only milady,
I hope you’ll see how lovely it is to agree.

Does it matter?

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My heart is aching and I know not why.
Was it the way you softly said goodbye,
or was it the way you calmly said hi.
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to cry.

Standing at the end of this line again,
what a fool I am to be caught in vain.
There’s words to be said but my mouth remained.
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to explain.

Memories of you appear like an art,
so vivid yet dreamy, can’t tell apart.
Did I ever hold that key to your heart?
Oh doesn’t matter, it’s too late to start.

I hope I’ve not been unfair to you, love.
You’ve been so much more to me and above,
I’ll miss the conversations we will never talk of.
Oh, does it matter now that I need your love.

Most of All

Evenings in Miri by the beach with great company. #travel

Let’s go back to the beginning of time,
before the wind blew and bells start to chime;
Without a doubt I would not change a thing,
but I regret for keeping you from your King.

In light I wished I picked another way,
surely it will not lead us here today;
I know this has given me no choice,
Oh yes, I would miss your lovely voice.

I shall remove these bags from the ground,
I shall walk on by and not look around;
I know by now you’ll be gone by a mile,
Oh yes, I would miss your beautiful smile.

End this chapter and lock it with a key,
never ever shed a tear for me;
I know it’s really hard to stay apart,
most of all, I would miss your angelic heart.


The Rotten End


The tears that fall should be mine,
for she deserves no such kind;
Finally my heart is now bitten,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

She walked into this trap of mine,
all because I was so blind;
This soul of mine I should burn,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

Cheated she felt and left behind,
her love and grace robbed from mind;
What I did can’t be unwritten,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

She is sunshine by design,
how could I miss that sign;
If there’s one thing I’ve learned,
rotten, rotten I feel so rotten.

If only time could unwind,
I would wait till the stars align;
But this divine love has fallen,
rotten, rotten can’t be forgotten.


Bitter heart bitter heart, why are you bitter?

The news came and painted my heart blue,
I thought I heard wrongly but it’s true.
There were feelings for her that grew,
bitter heart bitter heart, I hate you.

All the things we said to do and play,
I don’t blame her or felt betrayed.
Knowing that the boat has left the bay,
bitter heart bitter heart, please go away.

We knew the differences altogether,
time flies and we aren’t getting younger.
I’m happy but my heart begs to differ,
bitter heart bitter heart, why are you bitter?


Unfailing Love

Amongst the crowd, I see a familiar face,
the very one that puts my heart in place.
Her smile so enchanting how could I miss,
Proclaiming aloud she’s my eternal bliss.

Shy, I was to gaze upon her beauty,
smother, I dare not to let her wary.
My delicate heart pounds with racing beat,
How slowly time passes to await her greet.

Her presence is like a magnifying glass,
enlarging the feelings I try to pass.
Suppress I must, the words I dare not spill,
I sit back and play it cool and chill.

It’s only a matter of time till she departs,
and again my heart will be pieces and parts.
Still, this feeling inside I cannot hide,
that one day I want you to be my bride.


Walk With Me [Poem]

You have chosen me from the rest,
it’s a sign of a different case.
Like the bright Sun up in your sky,
I am not your average guy.

Every moment you’re in doubt,
please don’t put your judgments out.
Have a talk, a chat, a dialogue,
cause I want to finish this walk.

Promise that you will stay with me,
through black coffee, white tea or me.
we have much to paint in every town,
ain’t it a shame if you’re not around.

“Knowing that You’re there for me makes times passes by so much more beautifully. Always.”

Want No One But You

Lost & puzzled, I am for 9 long years,
shed I have, countless, careless tears.
After all these pointless pairs,
today He has answered my prayers.

He has brought the light to shine,
my body, heart & soul align.
I thank Thee for showing such divine,
the lady in you so lovely and kind.

This is different, now that you’ve appeared,
I want to stand by you without fear.
There’s only one reason He brought us here,
please be my one and only precious dear.

“None of us should wither without each other, we should only compliment, prosper and grow stronger with each other.”

Translated Anger

Calm I have really tried but failed,
thus the creation of this poem.
Read on if only you’re prepared,
translated anger can be nasty.

Fuck, I just had to say it out,
you have brought shit into my life.
Are you stupid or retarded,
to have ignored all my clear shown angers.

Fuck, how much more blunt can you be,
killing me hardly with your actions.
Didn’t I made a confession,
but your bloody brain is a piece of shit.

Fuck, my luck to have a friend like you,
full of bullshit and alibis.
Learn how to be fucking truthful,
you suck beyond words can explain.

Fuck, I had enough of this game,
I will not be toy by you asshole.
Stop trying to be a fucking saint,
I mean it, stop hurting me bitch.


My Eternal Bliss

Met have I not but saw her in picture,
fair she was with looks so divine pure.
Clouds my heart but I was young & unsure,
little did I know, she had me captured.

Knowing her down the years was luck in play,
defined my reason to live everyday.
Shattered it did to find she’s not to stay,
feelings cocooned just waiting to decay.

Time was gracious, years ticked for only 5,
11 hours later she will arrive.
Swiftly as fast as wheels can turn I drive,
happiest four days with her footsteps in my life.

She’s far greater than Cuthbert or Jolie,
Spins my world & lights my day endlessly.
5,000 miles I’ll swim to her gladly,
to seek for her love before heavenly.

Time was gracious yet again, I counted 3,
her presence brings peace, I tear & thank Thee.
Confess my epic love she let me be,
stop have I, to search for the flawless key.

Her thoughts voiced out indeed I am lucky,
to have her inked my empty history.
Smother I did, unintentionally,
You will always be my eternal bliss.

“Still I’ll be darn to have not date you in this lifetime.”