A feeling of losing everything in life.

I have this weird dream last night. (This dream I’m referring to happen way back in November 2006, had this as a draft for awhile now.)

The dream starts at Mid Valley but a different one from what we have in Kuala Lumpur. It has got an airport attached to it. What’s more rewarding? In a few hours time I’ll be flying back to Miri. Nothing beats home!

In this dream, Mid Valley is packed with tons of crowd and the airport just made the whole situation even more hectic. If you’ve been to Mid Valley, the check-in counter of the airport is next to GSC Cinemas. I remembered that in my dream this area is filled with chrome metal all around. Like a future city. I left my bags on the table, bags that are unlike any other. These bags seem to be filled with my entirely history of life. They are super precious.

There were a few friends there who are sending me off. We decided to take a walk and caught up with even more friends. Like a whole class of them! Even those who I’ve not seen for a long time are there.

While we’re all drinking and laughing. Time decided to play the devil. It’s now 10 minutes before boarding time. I panicked and ran towards my luggage but I couldn’t find them anywhere. At this moment, I felt like I’ve lost everything I ever had in life. My heart was beating fast, so fast that I woke up from the dream.

In shocked, I started to think about what it meant. Am I losing everything in my life?

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