18 Fun Things We’ve Forgotten While Growing Up

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even when there’s not a prize in the bottom of the box.
    (Which I’ve been skipping due to the lateness in waking up.)
  2. Sometimes it’s best to be completely blunt with people, as you used to be with relatives who wanted you to do something embarrassing or tedious for a shiny quarter.
    (The older we grow the more we care about pride, which is bad.)
  3. Asking questions is how you figure things out. Lots and lots of questions.
    (Sadly Malaysians all act like they are damn clever.)
  4. An older, wiser Gordie Lachance says in Stand By Me, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12.” Lachance is right. The trick is to try to be the friend you were when you were 12: fun-loving and loyal, with no strings attached.
    (Want to have more friends like this!)
  5. Playing is work. Approach your downtime with all the seriousness of a 5-year-old with a secret treasure map.
    (Finding passion in your work is the key.)
  6. Real guys don’t dip their toes in the water. They jump right in.
    (Who’s the pussy?)
  7. You hated it when a grown-up told you, “We’ll see.” It’s still unacceptable. Don’t say it yourself.
    (Yeah… hate that then and now.)
  8. The only way to know how something works is to completely disassemble it.
    (Love to do this when I was young, but no guarantee with the reassemble results.)
  9. There’s a reason they don’t give credit cards to 8-year-olds. You’re supposed to save up money before you buy a new toy.
    (That would be so wrong, but aren’t most Malaysians live on credit these days?)
  10. Your body was designed for throwing baseballs, shooting hoops, and jumping off diving boards and stuff. In the secret language of children, the word “fitness” doesn’t exist. It’s called “having fun.”
    (It’s a lost art. Most kids I see these days are made of tofu. They are only good at clicking a mouse or holding a controller!)
  11. Your world can be half-real and half-imaginary.
    (Ok… doing it from now on.)
  12. Homework blows. Bring work home with you and it’ll ruin your night. And your marriage. And your family. And your life.
    (Do not have a family to comment on this but will remember.)
  13. Too much of anything will give you a tummy ache. Like, say, bourbon.
    (25 years later I’m still learning this.)
  14. The coolest adults were the ones who took the time to listen to you. You still want to grow up to be a cool adult, right?
    (Yeah I remember those adults.)
  15. Use adrenaline as your drug of choice. You don’t need beer, pot, or cigarettes to have a good time.
  16. Kissing a girl on the cheek is a big deal. Kissing her lips is an even bigger deal. Seeing her naked for the first time is a major, life-altering event.
    (Oh the series of unfortunate events a kid goes through.)
  17. Going after a target in the urinal makes the time whiz by.
    (Love those target they put up.)
  18. Seeing a thunderstorm roll in is better than watching HDTV. And rain isn’t something to curse, but to enjoy. Hurry up, before it clears.
    (Have always love playing in the rain. Gotta do that soon!)

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