2 simple ingredients for a long lasting relationship

Humans is on a constant change. It can be drastic or mild but we will not stop changing.

The person you fell in love with years, months, weeks ago might not be the person you fell in love with in the first place. It’s not their fault, it’s not your fault. It’s only human nature. We don’t stop growing, therefore our brain never stops learning. Each of us perceived the World as we want it to at different stages of our lives.

So, how on this God’s green Earth are we able to stay in sync with our loved ones? Communication. Any couple who fails to do so will end up in flames. I might only eat red apples today but you cannot assume that I’ll not switch to green apples after one fine day. It’s important to update your lover what new discoveries you have in life that you wish to pursue. Always work hard to be on the same page.

It doesn’t stop at communication though. Listening plays a role in this picture. Telling your lover what you want will not go well if you don’t bother listening to what your lover wants. A relationship will quickly wither down to complains, complains and complains only. Giving time for your lover to express their feelings might not be a simple matter. You might be willingly and immediately pouring out how your heart feels from time to time but your other half might be reluctant to share or change. So take time to listen to their inner struggles.

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