1998 Ferrari 456M GTA, period.

There it is, right in front of my eyes. Super black Ferrari 456M GTA, the car that I’m going into for a ride.

65 degrees V12
6 gears
442bhp @ 6,250rpm
550nm @ 4,500rpm
0-100KM/H in 5 seconds
300KM/H Top speed
one awesome driver

Getting into the Ferrari and just seating onto the seat is already exciting enough. The seat is fully automated and fits so snugly and feels so comfortable. With the belt strapped on after admiring the interior, I’m ready to go.

At least 30 people were surrounding this car before we start the engine. As the engine purrs to life, they all automatically make way for the prancing horse. The sound of this machine is just enigmatic. Without further ado, he released the clutch and off we sprang. After a few corners out of the congested city heart of Kuala Lumpur streets we finally reached the highway.

The way the V12 roars as it climbs up to 7,000rpm is already heart pounding enough. The awesome ka-ching sound made by the metal-gated transmission every time you shift is just as breath-taking as the force made after the shift you’re experiencing. Overtaking with this beast is just unexplainable. Anytime, anywhere without hesitation this monster would just stick your body to the seat even though it’s 3rd gear. As we pull up at the traffic lights, you can see that all eyes are on you. You devil, you!

Green it turns, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I swear I left my heart back at the traffic lights! Within seconds 100KM/H it hits on the speedometer and it goes onwards to 160KM/H before we had to slow down because of the cars upfront. Even on a hill climb, it zooms like the road is flat! Cornering with this baby is just so sweet. The advancement of the traction and power from the engine pulls you through the bend like a roller-coaster, only better. Getting it to 260KM/H isn’t hard too. 5th gear alone can already pull you all the way up there and still the car is super stable. Whereas the Supra I previously sat in seems to be floating when it reaches 240KM/H.

All and all. The fun has to end. We pull up at his house for a change of ride. Scion xA. Punchy little car with awesome styling cues. We went off nearby for a drink before we call it a night.

This is seriously by far the best ride I’ve been in. And I’m bloody sure that there will be more rides in the Ferrari in the future.

“Ferrari, ride it to believe it.”

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