You were strong.

Time after time, I’ve always heard about the human kind complaining that they cannot go on after any particular separation. To me… that’s bullshit! We are known as human beings, the utmost living creature created by God in the image of Himself. We are the only living creature that has got the power to adapt, think and feel.

So here comes the story… Guy and girl gets together. They love each other. One day, guy and girl decided to call it quits. Let’s say the guy is a jerk. (Usually we are) Girl gets heartbroken badly. Cried for countless nights and still couldn’t get over with it. None of the remedy she tried could help herself.
Now here I would like to stress that, situations like this is bullshit! We were alone. We were not attached. Don’t tell me that someone is gonna come into your life and leave with a big hole in your heart. Yeah, I know it hurts but we can get over it. There will be a hole, but we just have to learn to deal with it. Patch things up and go on with life. Think about the days you were single and you lived your life happily without even needing the other half. Why? How? The days are still there but it’s you who want to think that it’s the end of the world. We humans can live alone normally, healthily.

But you’ll say it’s love. Yes, I know it’s love… the mumbo jumbo feeling and stuff. But think twice. It’s call loved. (past tense, mind you) So the situation has changed. If you’re still complaining then it’s just a habit to be with the other half. How about getting use to another situation for a change. A way better situation that is gonna make you whole again.

Seriously, don’t let me look down on you. I’ve been in love and out of love. It’s not that big of a deal. Yeah, you might say that I’m just heartless or I’ve got friends there to go through with me. But does it really help? Can friends really help you when you still have to climb onto your bed at night alone and start thinking of all the good times and start sobbing again? They can talk to you the whole day but when the night comes you’re all alone again. It’s just an excuse we give ourselves. Live for yourself! You build your own future and destroys your own future if you may. Claim back your independence right from this very second. Life is full of chances and opportunities, and it’s up for us to learn to grab them.

“Falling in and out of love is part of growing up. It makes us stronger.”


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