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Marissa Mayer, the superwoman behind Yahoo.


Nicolas Carlson from Business Insider has written a very insightful article on Marissa Mayer.

This article covers her early years as a student growing up. Getting her job at Google. Doing what she’s good at until she got demoted. But the demotion actually help shaped her into taking on new challenges in becoming the CEO of Yahoo! while having a baby.

Besides covering aspects of her life. It also talks about the struggles Yahoo! is facing and also the meticulous process in deciding who will be the next CEO of Yahoo! between Mayer or Levinsohn.

My favorite part of this article also made me laugh. Below is the excerpt.

Mayer heard him out, taking notes the whole time.
Within 24 hours, Mayer let Heckman know that she’d canceled all his deals and that his services were no longer needed by Yahoo.
Heckman flew to Ibiza, Spain for a 30-day vacation.

I can’t help but laughed out loud at the last line. A 30- day vacation was needed for being fired!

Reading the article also helped me understand what do people do most on their mobile.

The results made her laugh.
She learned that after activities like calling people, texting, and maps, the main things people do on their phones everyday are: check email, check weather, get news, get stock quotes, check sports scores, get entertainment news, share photos, communicate with groups, and ask questions.

So that’s what we all do on our mobiles?

The last bit that I liked about the article was how mobile startups are being bought over by silicon valley companies.

Yahoo lacked the mobile talent to staff such a group, so Mayer spent $200 million at the end of 2012 and through August 2013 acquiring more than 20 mobile startups. In almost every case, Yahoo would shut down the startup’s product, sign its engineering and product development people to two- and four-year contracts, and integrate them into Cahan’s team.

This is how you become rich overnight!

Full article – Marissa Mayer Biography

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Things I loathe #43 – People who drag their feet

Are you one of them who drags their feet on the ground when you walk? If you ain’t, do you find it annoying when the person walking around you does it?

By dragging your feet when you walk is more than just annoying. Have anyone not ever tell you not to drag your feet while you walk? The social perception implies that you’re a lazy person and a slob. You’re weak and uninspired to even go from point A to B. You scoot around like a zombie. I’m not being prejudice here just wondering why do people do it.

I could somewhat forgive you if it was flip-flops in the summer. But to do that whole year round? Are you wearing poorly fitted shoes passed down by your big feet cousin? Didn’t your parents told you that the sole of your shoe will wear out faster?

Anyway, while searching for this particular behavior online. I found a funny answer on Yahoo Answers.

J9: Yes! There’s this girl in my law class who does it. She always arrives late and then drags her feet all the way to her seat. Shes known as shuffle-girl.

I personally find how they call her shuffle-girl hilarious!

Lastly, do yourself a favor and lift your feet up and walk properly for the love of life.