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Unbelievable wedding proposal involves a prank and thousands of people

There you go, just weeks ago I’ve posted Greatest marriage proposal ever? Really? Here we have another video showing an even greater wedding proposal done by a TV show Mobbed. It’s showing on Fox currently.

About the proposal. It’s absolutely outrageous. How can this guy ever top or be on par with what he has done on his wedding proposal night?

I’m not gonna write any spoilers for the video. It’s best you see it for yourself. But I do have one comment, the girl who splashed the water looks a lot like Katy Perry!

Again, I’m waiting for another wedding proposal that will trump this!

Greatest marriage proposal ever? Really?

Okay, you know how every other YouTube title is named ‘Greatest, best, most awesome marriage proposal ever!!!!111!!1!!1!1!’? And so happen my friend decided to tag me on FB to share this ‘greatest marriage proposal’ video.

I don’t normally think it’s great and all after every video I’ve watched. Yes I mean they are good and sweet but it just didn’t hit the spot. But somehow this really caught my attention.

Big congrats to Matt & Ginny on tying the knot!

Psst… Eventually you know someone with better video editing skills, better idea, a sweeter idea, a more heart melting idea will top this off right?