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Walk With Me [Poem]

You have chosen me from the rest,
it’s a sign of a different case.
Like the bright Sun up in your sky,
I am not your average guy.

Every moment you’re in doubt,
please don’t put your judgments out.
Have a talk, a chat, a dialogue,
cause I want to finish this walk.

Promise that you will stay with me,
through black coffee, white tea or me.
we have much to paint in every town,
ain’t it a shame if you’re not around.

“Knowing that You’re there for me makes times passes by so much more beautifully. Always.”

Want No One But You

Lost & puzzled, I am for 9 long years,
shed I have, countless, careless tears.
After all these pointless pairs,
today He has answered my prayers.

He has brought the light to shine,
my body, heart & soul align.
I thank Thee for showing such divine,
the lady in you so lovely and kind.

This is different, now that you’ve appeared,
I want to stand by you without fear.
There’s only one reason He brought us here,
please be my one and only precious dear.

“None of us should wither without each other, we should only compliment, prosper and grow stronger with each other.”

My Eternal Bliss

Met have I not but saw her in picture,
fair she was with looks so divine pure.
Clouds my heart but I was young & unsure,
little did I know, she had me captured.

Knowing her down the years was luck in play,
defined my reason to live everyday.
Shattered it did to find she’s not to stay,
feelings cocooned just waiting to decay.

Time was gracious, years ticked for only 5,
11 hours later she will arrive.
Swiftly as fast as wheels can turn I drive,
happiest four days with her footsteps in my life.

She’s far greater than Cuthbert or Jolie,
Spins my world & lights my day endlessly.
5,000 miles I’ll swim to her gladly,
to seek for her love before heavenly.

Time was gracious yet again, I counted 3,
her presence brings peace, I tear & thank Thee.
Confess my epic love she let me be,
stop have I, to search for the flawless key.

Her thoughts voiced out indeed I am lucky,
to have her inked my empty history.
Smother I did, unintentionally,
You will always be my eternal bliss.

“Still I’ll be darn to have not date you in this lifetime.”

Tell Me Is This Love

Sitting in the train heading home from work sure makes my mind wander.

Books aplenty I have read,
Teachings of all I have learn,
Wise words of old I have Listened,
Still clueless in what I am feeling.

A growl deep in my heart,
A face I could never forget,
A bliss without comparison,
What is it that I am feeling.

Bitters my heart when she parts,
Silent screams echoing my ears,
Tried to wipe but there’s no tears,
Tell me is this love?

Last Kiss

Knowing you in this life time was like heaven sent.
Meeting you at the oddest place was like fate.
Learning more about you was like my blessing.
What say you when you decided to leave me cold?

Not being able to love you was like a puzzle.
Not knowing what I did wrong was so unfair.
Not having you was like hell.
What say you when I decided to give up hope?

Meeting you again is like a dream to me.
Seeing your smile is like sunshine for my days.
Kissing you is like heaven on earth.
What say you when my madness for you is gone?

“Everything in this World has a shelf life. Figure our your shelf life.”

Curse Of Doom

Not sure what inspired me to write this yesterday afternoon with a brain lack of sleep.

Vibrant world brought me a colorful heart,
joy of abstract as beautiful as art.
I did and fell for a lady so pure,
her permission she gave but took my cure.

Like a witch she cast a curse upon me,
restless in pain & agony I plea.
In darkness bound by chains of my nightmare,
still not a sound nor sign of love or care.

My world she stops with her unending doom,
I feel no light, no air, no flowers bloom.
The best in me is lost in her blank page,
Bitter heart of mine breaks with mix of rage.

Blinded by this curse will I not submit,
Pit of doom will I not let death meet.
Twice my heart broke on this journey with you,
Free from chains but still my heart misses you.

Kissing is a colour

When was the last time you actually kissed someone? Maybe it be a sloppy French kiss or just a peck on the cheek. For those of you who are attached then it might be just few hours ago or something. If not, do it when you see him/her later.

Colour… it comes in different tones and shades. Just like how kisses comes in different shapes and sizes… oh, different taste too! You must be thinking that I’ve most probably kissed a hell lot of people to actually come up with this topic. Well, I’m not sure how many is consider many but I think it’s enough for me to say ‘Kissing is a Colour’.

I send out my kisses to all my dearies. Yes only to my dearies. I don’t go around and plant my lips on someone else cheek or lips for no reason. I think a peck on the cheek is just a sweet gesture to say hello, thank you, you’re sweet, goodbye and et cetera. A kiss on the lips brings kissing to a whole different level. It can be both a simple gesture or a complicated one. Simple as in hi my love and bye my love, complicated as in you know I want you or an opener to a more erotic invitation. French kissing to me is strictly for make out purposes. If you don’t mind how the viewers would judge you then go ahead. It’s your love.

Who do I kiss? My lovers of course. Or my dearies. Who are these dearies you might ask. They are the people who I think has made an impact in my life or a close friend since long time ago or just the next door neighbour who I have not seen in awhile. No intimate or French kisses for those who are not my lovers. That would render my lover just as cheap as my dearies.

I had a series of both shocking and wonderful surprises last weekend. The wonderful one is someone caught me partying and she nonchalantly kissed me on my lips as we pass each other by. Shocking one would be seeing another girl getting kissed around by 3 guys. I believe it’s French too!

That is where I would draw the line damn thick. Kissing someone with nice etiquette is definitely a +1 for me but if I by any chance get kiss by the shocking girl I’ve said earlier. That’s a -1 for me!

Lastly, NO is the answer if you’re thinking funny thoughts of putting a male in the position of who I consider my deary.

So jealous!

Ask yourself, why do you have to hate someone even he or she did not lay a finger or say a word to you in the beginning? Jealous? This can be applied into lots of situations.

For example : You didn’t like your new colleague because he gets more attention from your boss. You grew to hate him when you realize that he’s even better than you in anything. Worst still, he’s scoring with your girl!

Ok, that might be the worst situation anyone could’ve been in. I’m sure you would be swearing his ass off while throwing darts on his photo. Now here, let me give you another scope. Why don’t you try to turn that hatred off and try to get to know him. Maybe if you two get along, both of you might reach higher standards in work and he won’t probably score with your girl.

  • Fear. Jealousy is a form of fear too. You were afraid of the situation going out of hand. It’s easier when you allow yourself to stop worrying. (He most probably ain’t scoring with your girl.)
  • Trust. This is an important factor to take note. If you can’t trust yourself, certainly you cannot trust others. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Don’t say you trust your partners and still showing signs that you’re jealous.
  • Weak. When you’re jealous, you’re just showing them your weakness. You just gave them a good point to attack your vulnerability till you drop yourself.
  • Power. People who are jealous are often seeking for power. Power gives you great form of command and control over another person. Don’t be such a jerk off.

Jealousy brings no joy. Think of it as a butterfly in your hand. The more jealousy you have the harder you squeeze. Let your jealousy subside and you start letting it flutter around you with grace.

“Ain’t worth the hassle being jealous.”

Whoopsie… ex-files.

I’ve never gotten like super close with any of my ex. And damn well no intimacy after that. No intentions whatsoever. You see… the reason they are known as ex is because you draw a big X over their name. Indicating it’s broken, unusable. So look forward, don’t turn back and bite that sour fruit again. It’s so yesterday!

But then sometimes some people tend to do it anyway. So here are some situations and ways I think you should deal with it.

  • The coincidence. Oh yeah. It’s a beautiful day. With the striking sun out of sight and breezy breeze brushing your face. Nothing else could go wrong… something caught your eye. Your ex-girl/boyfriend is walking towards you with a new soul mate. Now, be nice! Act like you’re pleased to meet the other half even though it hurts. You would look bad if you showed any sign that you’re still upset over the whole thing. Don’t talk for too long and make sure you say how nice it is to meet up with them both and then excuse yourself. Focus, focus… eye on a better half for yourself and let them turn green.
  • The bed scene. Yes, it was an accident… hit me baby one more time! You did tell yourself over and over again not to cross that line but some how it happened. Trust me… either one of you would be thinking that it’s just a casual sex session. So what I say is. Keep yourself occupied with something else. This is a bad habit to keep up with.
  • The sound of wedding bells. You picked up your phone nonchalantly thinking that someone nice is calling you. It’s your ex-girl/boyfriend’s number. You answered it hoping that it should be no big of a deal. To your surprise,your ex is getting married. Guess what, you’re on the invitation list. Hmm… if the event brings bitterness to you then I guess you should skip the wedding and go out with your friends to forget about the whole event. Only show up if you’re totally over it and you’re there to bless your ex.
  • I want you back. Oooo… sounds like a bliss? Think again. Stand firm on your ground. Re-check┬áhis/her quality. Has he/she become a better self? Why it didn’t work out before and would it work this time? Don’t accept just because you’re lonely, you needed a date or hearing I love you from him/her. Getting a second chance is something for him/her to work for. So work his/her ass off to get you back.


You were strong.

Time after time, I’ve always heard about the human kind complaining that they cannot go on after any particular separation. To me… that’s bullshit! We are known as human beings, the utmost living creature created by God in the image of Himself. We are the only living creature that has got the power to adapt, think and feel.

So here comes the story… Guy and girl gets together. They love each other. One day, guy and girl decided to call it quits. Let’s say the guy is a jerk. (Usually we are) Girl gets heartbroken badly. Cried for countless nights and still couldn’t get over with it. None of the remedy she tried could help herself.
Now here I would like to stress that, situations like this is bullshit! We were alone. We were not attached. Don’t tell me that someone is gonna come into your life and leave with a big hole in your heart. Yeah, I know it hurts but we can get over it. There will be a hole, but we just have to learn to deal with it. Patch things up and go on with life. Think about the days you were single and you lived your life happily without even needing the other half. Why? How? The days are still there but it’s you who want to think that it’s the end of the world. We humans can live alone normally, healthily.

But you’ll say it’s love. Yes, I know it’s love… the mumbo jumbo feeling and stuff. But think twice. It’s call loved. (past tense, mind you) So the situation has changed. If you’re still complaining then it’s just a habit to be with the other half. How about getting use to another situation for a change. A way better situation that is gonna make you whole again.

Seriously, don’t let me look down on you. I’ve been in love and out of love. It’s not that big of a deal. Yeah, you might say that I’m just heartless or I’ve got friends there to go through with me. But does it really help? Can friends really help you when you still have to climb onto your bed at night alone and start thinking of all the good times and start sobbing again? They can talk to you the whole day but when the night comes you’re all alone again. It’s just an excuse we give ourselves. Live for yourself! You build your own future and destroys your own future if you may. Claim back your independence right from this very second. Life is full of chances and opportunities, and it’s up for us to learn to grab them.

“Falling in and out of love is part of growing up. It makes us stronger.”