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A hauntingly beautiful powerful song about giving up

a great big world say something

A beautiful song went unnoticed for half a year until a second release followed by top 100 charts after Christina Aguilera throw in her delicate vocals into the mix. This song brings such powerful emotion about humility, sadness and regret.

Ian Axel & Chad Vaccarino wrote this song when both members were experiencing individual heartbreak. Must be hard to carry a scar this deep whenever this song is performed.

To summarize this hauntingly beautiful song

“When you have exhausted all you have for someone and the outcome still doesn’t favor you. Accept it and give up even when love remains.”

Rebecca Black is back with Saturday! [Video]

Rebecca Black Saturday

Why yes… of course the next song by Rebecca Black is ‘Saturday’!

After all she did sing about it in her first single.

“Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after … wards
I don’t want this weekend to end”

So is it safe to assume that the next song title is ‘Sunday’?

Anyway, here’s that new music video.

Amazing impromptu performance by Danny the homeless man. [Video]

Carlos w Danny

What a beautiful video to stumble upon on a Sunday morning. Danny, a homeless man just wandered around and saw Carlos Whittaker shooting a home video and decided to kneel down and join him. Danny has got this amazing Rastafarian style vocal that amazingly awed me.

Full song – God of Second Chances with Danny

Carlos Whittaker tells the story about the homeless man.

So, I met Jayesslee, the twins on YouTube. [Video]

I know lots of you are fans of Jayesslee but unfortunately I’m not one. I’ve heard one of their earlier covers cause my colleague showed them to me but they didn’t quite catch my attention all that much… yet.

So last week I was fortunate enough to be their official videographer during their tour in Malaysia. I’ve had lots of experience with big stars because of the networks and the nature of my job. Organized a few rave parties and worked in a number of gigs when I was into events. So to me, Jayesslee was just another pair of stars.

You can tell I wasn’t all that excited about seeing them. I knew nothing about their background or names or how to differentiate the twins. My friends were more excited than I am. But this all changed as I actually get to know them better in person and hear them live. They are not just another pair of pretty face trying to make a music career.

They are both really down to earth and talented, friendly and most importantly – dedicated. These girls really work hard. They would go over and over a song just to make sure it sounded right during performance.

I salute their spirit and faith. Looking forward to your new album Jayesslee!

Lastly, the video filmed and edited by me!

It’s about Friday Night

The latest single from Katy Perry is Last Friday Night (TGIF)

To the less exposed, here’s how the song came about.

So, first you have a music video from Rebecca Black which pulled in the most dislikes on YouTube. I feel disgusted even mentioning it. You call that a song?

Then you have super sexy Katy Perry who released Last Friday Night (TGIF) with Rebecca Black starring in it. Not only her, Glee cast, Debbie Gibson, Kenny G and Hanson too!  It entirely baffles me how this generation’s stardom effect works. You can be horrible, disgusting, scandalous (especially scandalous) and still make a big name. But I guess it’s always a good thing if it’s making a living for you. After all, with much complains from me, Rebecca Black is a lot richer than I am now considering the staggering sales of her song she got on iTunes. Guess, Katy Perry on the other hand also is helping her to look cool so that she won’t be laughed at further in her life after a mistake in uploading her music video on YouTube which her mum paid for.

Katy Perry did a cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday during one of her concerts.

I’m quite in love with Utada Hikaru

Yes I am quite in awe of Utada Hikaru. She recently released the album ‘This Is The One’. (pictured above)

I took some time to listen to the whole album and I must say she’s definitely my type. No one writes songs quite like she does. They are catchy, upbeat and meaningful.

Such art is far lost in the Hollywood pop scene. Everyone indulges in lustful R&B songs, pointless pop songs, vulgar rap songs that just makes my ear bleed.


A poem I wrote for my cousin.

On this melodious path of mine,
do re mi plays along the line.
Without barriers music plays fine,
touching lives throughout every sign.

Every note on paper or ear,
draws peace and bringing nations near.
Through music I express my love,
glorifies the heavens above.

On every step that I take charge,
music was always there in march.
It is the speech of the angels,
A wondrous gift from God’s angels.