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Maybe some are just not cut to be in a relationship? [Video]

This video makes me wonder. Could this be the ultimate reason to 40 year old virgins? Of course I don’t expect all the woman to be starting to kill off everyone but the video does make a bit of sense. Minus the killing part is ultimately the kind of woman who just can’t stand anything. To set in their own world and ways to even want to accept anything else.

I guess some people are just not cut to be in a relationship at all.

Today, money can buy anything. Even quality love! [Poll]

“Money can’t buy love.”

Often times you still hear some people stand by that phrase. But let me tell you that it is a thing of the past. It did apply very evidently in the era where ladies are treated with respect by gentlemen. But sadly not today.

In the world today, money has become a very real and tangible part of human life. Without money, you can not enjoy the wonders of the earth has to offer. It is something that I strongly disagree but it has repeatedly gave me examples that I could not deny the power of money.

Love and money has long been associated side by side in many different manners. Today, they come together in one package. The more money you have the more love you get. It is just impossible to have love in this century without money. Financial stability is the number one factor a lady would consider before choosing a life partner. So men, if your financial is not stable. Most probably your love life is zilch or only superficial. Money problems are the number one cause of divorce today.

Yes, most would argue that money will only attract the ones who are after your money. True, but what if that lover is sincere and just happened to be rich? Isn’t that not only love but quality love? No lady would want to commit towards someone who couldn’t afford the next meal. And I’m not talking about the next vacation or shopping spree. It’s basic necessities of life.

Sure a kind lady would always say: “It’s fine if he cannot afford a luxurious date. I will be content with his love and what he has got to offer.”

But the same kind lady would also feel blessed and favor a man who could provide a sincere love with luxury. No one complains if their men could afford a bigger diamond even when she knows it is not a necessity.

So place your votes on the poll and leave a comment if you feel otherwise.

“Money cannot buy love and love cannot buy money, but money increases the chances of love and love decreases the need for money.”


Durian lovers must wed durian lovers.

Eating durian makes me crazy happy. This effect doesn’t only apply to me. My friends whom I ate with feels the same too. I think scientist should conduct some experiment on the properties of durian that makes us happy when we eat it.

So why did I say “Durian lovers must wed durian lovers’?

You being a durian lover, imagine this:

· Imagine not being able to enjoy durian together for dinner.
· Think about how much he/she hates it when you bring them home and you have to eat em’ outside and wash thoroughly before you go back in the house.
· He/she bans you from getting near them after eating durian.
· The kids would most probably be psycho by them not to eat durian too because it’s bad.

I really couldn’t imagine a lifetime partner like this. I guess being a durian lover is a mandatory criteria when it comes to choosing a wife for me. I don’t think it’s even possible to convert someone who dislikes durian to start loving it. With durian, it’s either you love it or dislike it from the beginning. There are no converts.

I shall just camp at SS2 durian buffet and scout for a potential suitor. It would eliminate the chances of me dating someone who dislike durians.

When do you deserve to love and be loved in return?

You may be single or attached or heart-broken or trying to recover from a sour relationship as you’re reading this. But what you’re going to read here applies to everyone.

The only time you deserve to love and be loved in return is when you know what you’re doing with your life. True love isn’t just about the looks or the money. That is as shallow as any relationship can get. You might even argue with me that there are elements like being truthful, being earnest, being forgiving, being caring and all but true love only happens when you learn how to respect and admire the unique individual for who they are genuinely and what they do best with their life.

No one, and I mean no one would be truly in love with a person who beg for love and forgiveness. That is just loving out of sympathy, nothing more and nothing less. The day you have learn how to focus your energy in doing what you do best is the day everyone would see it and admire you for who you are. Humans can be blinded by love but we are no fool in recognizing what lies beneath that mask. We just choose to have faith and hope even though we could spot the ill patterns from experience. This will surely one day exhaust itself and he/she will wake up one day and realize why am I still sticking to this joker with multiple mask for? Who was I loving all these while?

So don’t waste your time chasing for love and companionship if you can’t focus on yourself individually. You don’t deserve love and be loved in return if you can’t be the best you can be in this life time. Go that extra mile and gain that respect and admiration and soon enough you’ll realize that you not only love yourself more, you are also a truly happy person. This will then make you worthy of loving someone and be loved in return.

“You don’t deserve love if you can’t focus on yourself. The day you focus on yourself is the day everyone would respect, admire and love you for what you do best with your life.”


When we fall in love again, do we love better or worst?

First Love
I want you to unwind back to your first love. Who was him/her? It felt perfect didn’t it? It feels 100% because everything was for the very first time. There was nothing, no one else to compare it with. But what if the first love didn’t worked out as planned? You had to pick up a new love. The soul tie that was formed previously with your first love has to be cut. Could it be cut completely, or will there always be a thin line holding each others heart? (Admit if you will that there will always be a little soft spot for the first love as kryptonites are to Superman.)

Below are 2 theories on loving better or worst after a complete clean breakup.

Loving Worst
Because the soul ties are not completely cut away from the first love, therefore we are not able to form complete soul ties with the next partnership. The second love could only experience 90% of what’s left from the first love because the remaining 10% is forever with the first love. I could not imagine what’s gonna happen for the remaining lovers if the second or third one fails. The more we love the more soul ties we form and the less is given because now the love of 100% is divided.

Loving Better
Even with the soul ties attached to the first love. We are able to love more. This is because our hearts heal, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. And because it heals, we are able to give a complete 100% or 110%. The more we have loved the better we are at understanding ourselves and our partners. Our hearts have infinite love if only you choose to unlock it. And with each new lover, our love will always flow like a river endlessly to a new found love because that’s where hope is found.

We always love better. Even when we are afraid of getting hurt again in a second relationship. The reserved heart will open up the moment we realize our lover is giving their all sincerely. All doubts will be lifted and you will choose again to love with all you have and even more because our hearts do heal.

“Our hearts have infinite love if only you choose to unlock it.”



Bitter heart bitter heart, why are you bitter?

The news came and painted my heart blue,
I thought I heard wrongly but it’s true.
There were feelings for her that grew,
bitter heart bitter heart, I hate you.

All the things we said to do and play,
I don’t blame her or felt betrayed.
Knowing that the boat has left the bay,
bitter heart bitter heart, please go away.

We knew the differences altogether,
time flies and we aren’t getting younger.
I’m happy but my heart begs to differ,
bitter heart bitter heart, why are you bitter?


7 billion population, why fight over a girl?

The Earth has 7 billion population. Amongst the 7 billion, over 1 billion are single and eligible females. Why are men still fighting over the same girl?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen numerous examples of guys going after the same girl and often it doesn’t end where the winning guy and the girl walks into the sunset like movies or fairy tales. It mostly end up in blazing flames.

I myself did make a similar mistake. I remembered during my adolescent years, I did fall for the wrong girl and that cost me my best friend who is like a brother to me. (we are still strangers) That lesson was a painful one and since then, I’ve never fought with anyone else over a girl. It’s never worth it. Let me paint you a few scenarios.

The Ego
Ben is an average looking guy who has never dated and decided to try his luck with Ellie. Unfortunately Sam likes Ellie and decides to go for her too at the same time. Ben & Sam tried their best to woo Ellie but Sam decided to let go in the end. Sam gave his blessings and Ellie accepted Ben. Things were good for awhile till Ben started showing his ego. Since he won Ellie over Sam, he felt like he could just get any girl. So Ben ditched Ellie and tried to pursue other girls. Sam is now dating someone else and Ellie is heartbroken.

The Superstar
Ellie is a sweet & kind average looking girl. She was never popular because her best friends are more attractive than her. She seldom gets noticed and she couldn’t care less. Suddenly it all changed when she noticed that 2 of her peers are trying to date her. It was a feeling she has never experience and it felt good, real good. The exciting discovery changed Ellie from the sweet & kind girl into a girl who plays hard to get. Her friends now call her a bitch.

You’ve Changed
Ellie is an elegant woman who is a successful manager who works in a MNC. She wasn’t rushing into any commitment especially when 2 guys named Ben & Sam constantly showers her with gifts, flowers and love.  A year has passed and she figure out who she wants to spend her rest of her life with. After a phone call, Ben is the happiest man alive. Ben was so ecstatic he made sure everyone knows who he was dating, especially after that 1 year long chase. But 6 months later, Ellie broke up with Ben. She said Ben has changed. The gifts, flowers and love was less.

The Trophy
Ben & Sam decided to go after a gorgeous young girl name Ellie whom they both met in a club 6 months ago. Ben & Sam tried their best tricks up their sleeves to win Ellie’s heart. 2 months later, Sam sealed the deal, he would proudly bring Ellie around and wave her around like a trophy. Ben moved on. 4 months later, Sam got bored and decided to go for the cute girl he just met at Starbucks coffee. Sam managed to date the cute girl from Starbucks Coffee but 6 months later, he went after the new neighbor.

Character names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I hope these few scenarios made a point and anyone could get hurt in this game. Be the gentleman and back off for the losers now will later win. Trust me, cause I won.


10 naked girls, which would you go for? [SFW]

What do I look most for in women? It’s definitely not the physical looks. I admit I greatly admire beauty because of the artist in me but I’ll never use that fundamental in looking for a lover/partner. Because you and I know that you may be the most beautiful girl in the world at this point now but 40 years down the line, you’re gonna look just like any other old granny. Your skin is gonna wrinkle and your boobs will sag cause you can’t fight gravity.

The utmost priority for me in looking for a girl is communication. I regard communication highly because that’s the highest level to turn someone on. Think about it, just by talking you’ll get turned on. I’m sure some of you have met people who is so intellectually stimulating you just can’t wait to taste them.

You can line them 10 naked girls in front of me. All equally gorgeous and godly shaped. But who will I choose? Who will you choose? I would choose the one who can communicate with me and turn me on. Have you not met gorgeous people who totally turns you off the moment they try to speak with you?

You want someone who can connect with you, understands you, stimulate your brain and turns you on mentally for the rest of your life. Anything else is futile.

“Nothing is sexier than sheer brilliance a woman can portrait.”


Real men switch on airplane mode for a proper date.

The Inevitable
With the growing adaption of smart phones in the generations to come. It’s inevitable that we will all meet people with horrible smart phone etiquette.

My Bad
I have to admit that my iPhone did get me into trouble when I was dating one of my ex-girlfriend. She’s always saying that I gave all my attention to my phone instead of her. Well, you can’t blame me cause I’ve just bought it. There is a break-in period. Excuses aside, it’s still my bad.

The Situation
I think it’s very important for the generation to come to understand smart phone etiquette. Many times, I’ve seen couples sitting in cafes hanging out with their smart phones instead of each other. Why bother coming out in the first place? If this is how you both interact with each other in public, most likely it’s pretty much the same when you’re both at home. Have you both exhausted all the topics or conversations under the sun?

Let’s take a look at some horrible smart phone etiquette.

  1. Leaving the phone on the table and get distracted with every blink or vibrate.
  2. Taking pictures. This includes of food, each other with food, each other eating food.
  3. Checking & tagging into multiple social networks.
  4. Blog, micro-blog about the situation.
  5. Replying countless text message.
  6. Laughing to self after receiving something funny and not appropriate to share.
  7. Pressing the home button now and then just to make sure you don’t miss any notifications

The only time it would deem appropriate to whip out your smart phone is when you’re expecting an urgent call or you have something you would like to share/show your date.

Let’s not give in to the horrible side of smart phones. Humans has come through a great deal of wisdom to have created such a wonderful device but don’t let humankind fall on the device we’ve created.

The Challenge
So here’s my challenge to you. Turn on airplane mode the next time you’re out on a date. Be a gentleman and make it a proper date.

But here’s a free tip for the ladies.
“You know that a guy is extremely interested in you when he doesn’t whip out his smart phone every other minute.”

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You know that 40 year old virgin.

Everyone, somehow rather knows that 40 year old virgin.

I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. It’s that woman who you just made acquaintance recently, or someone you’ve already known for quite a bit. Think about it, the woman who you silently agrees in your heart that she will definitely grow up to be a 40 year old virgin. Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about.

There could be a lot of factors why we would think that way. Their looks, their attitude, their dressing and so on. I believe deep down they are trying their very best to be better. To find love, to be attractive, to feel sexy!

But you and I know there’s a slim chance that would happen. Should we help them or could we even help them? We can try to help but in the end of the day, it’s all about herself. She can find love, can be attractive, can be sexy the day she wants it hard enough.